We’re Giving Away a Toyota Fortuner

Yep! You heard it right!

It’s a brand new 2012 Toyota Fortuner SUV as the main prize for the Happy Happy Verde Raffle.

As part of Batch 87′s fund raising efforts for the Grand Homecoming Night on Feb 2012, we’re holding a grand raffle. Part of the proceeds will also go to the One La Salle Foundation.

And yes, we’re giving away over P1 Million worth of prizes!

Which include the following

  • Brand New 2012 Toyota Fortuner
  • Four (4) Samsung 40in LED TV sets
  • Five (5) Samsung Galaxy Tablets
  • Ten (10) Samsung Smartphones

Tickets for sale at P2,500 each.

Email lasalista87@yahoo.com or get in touch with Juanchit Jose at 09175823860 or Joey Lerma at 09178162837 to buy your tickets!



  1. The Happy Verde Raffle is a raffle for the members of the LaSallian community, which may include any member of La Salle Green Hills (LSGH) High School Class of  1987 and their relatives or friends.  Said persons may sell the raffle tickets to individuals other than the above.
  2. Anybody who has bought and paid for a raffle ticket ,which may include any member of the LaSallian Community, including any member of LSGH Batch 1987 is eligible to participate and win in the “Happy, Happy Verde Raffle”.
  3. Each raffle ticket is priced at Two Thousand Five Hundred Pesos (PHP 2,500.00), which shall allow the buyer to participate in the scheduled raffle draw. A ticket holder shall have the chance to win any of the prizes offered:
    1. Grand Prize:   One (1) Brand New 2012 Toyota Fortuner
    2. Minor Prizes:
      • Brand New 2012 Toyota Fortuner
      • Four (4) Samsung 40in LED TV sets
      • Five (5) Samsung Galaxy Tablets
      • Ten (10) Samsung Smartphones
  4. The Raffle Committee of LSGH Batch 1987 Inc. has the sole discretion to change the minor prizes without prior notice to the participants to the raffle.
  5. Buyers MUST fill-up the ticket stub with the required information as well as sign the stub of the raffle ticket/s and place the stub/s, personally or thru their representative, inside the duly marked and official drop box at the La Salle Green Hills Alumni Office or at designated drop boxes as approved by the Raffle Committee. Stubs with incomplete and/or inaccurate information shall be forfeited.
  6. Distributors (persons to whom the tickets are given to by the Raffle Committee for purposes of distribution) are responsible over the tickets turned over to them and that tickets not returned by them are considered sold. All payments of tickets shall be coursed through them who will then remit/deposit moneys received to the designated batch account. If buyer decides to pay by himself, he must show to distributor the corresponding deposit slip with the following info: name, address and contact number.
  7. Buyers have primary responsibility of placing ticket stubs inside the drop boxes. Buyers have option to have their stubs dropped for and in their behalf by their representative at their own risk. If buyer asks distributor to put his stubs in drop boxes, distributor must issue acknowledgement receipt that he received stubs with the duty to put it in the drop boxes. At least, an end buyer will have a paper to hold on to with respect to the stubs. End-buyer must be reminded that it is his/her responsibility to place stubs inside drop boxes.
  8. All Raffle stubs must be submitted on or before 5:00pm of March 23rd, 2012. The Grand draw will be held on March 30, 2012 at the Opus Bar and Restaurant, Resorts World.  The foregoing dates and venue of the raffle draw may be changed subject to the discretion of the Raffle Committee and will be announced accordingly.
  9. Raffle tickets not returned by March 1, 2012 shall be considered sold.
  10. Only sufficiently completed, submitted and PAID raffle tickets shall be eligible to win any of the prizes to be drawn. The Raffle Committee shall consider a stub sufficiently completed if it has the following: 1) name; 2) address; 3) telephone and/or e-mail address; and 4) signature.
  11. A legitimate winning raffle ticket may only win once.  All drawn tickets can’t be drawn again. The raffle committee takes into consideration that a person may have bought more than one ticket. In which case, it is understood that said person is eligible to win more than one prize.
  12. LSGH Batch 1987 will provide and announce a list of Officials/Guests who will draw the winning stubs during the Grand Draw.  At least two (2) representatives from the LSGH community will be invited to observe the proceedings to ensure that the draw is implemented according to the rules and regulations of the Raffle Committee.
  13. During the Grand Raffle Draw, raffle officials/designated guests will draw a stub from the compiled raffle stubs for each and every prize to be raffled.
  14. All winners shall be announced in the website happyverde.net, through the LSGH bulletin and via radio on April 2, 2012. Legitimate winners will also be notified through phone call, e-mail, and/or by registered mail by a duly authorized representative of the LSGH Batch 1987 Raffle Committee.  Hence, it is imperative that all required information on the raffle stub must be filled in order for notices to be properly sent.
  15. Ticket holders need not be physically present to win the prize drawn in his/her favor during the raffle draw. However, prizes must be claimed personally or through a duly authorized representative. The Raffle Committee will determine where prizes may be availed and that the winner will be duly notified as to the place and time.
  16. When claiming their prize, winners should present their ticket that matches the winning stub’s serial number together with two (2) government issued IDs.  Winners cannot claim the prize if he/she fails to submit said IDs and the ticket with the matching number to the winning stub.  Any prize forfeited will be turned over to LSGH Batch 1987 subject to the conditions set in the preceding paragraph.
  17. Prizes not claimed within sixty (60) days from notice will be forfeited and that the corresponding cash value shall be turned over to the LSGH Batch 1987 for purposes of remitting the same to the designated beneficiary.
  18. Winners will be liable for any applicable Government Taxes, if any.
  19. The delivery of the car and the other prizes is subject to availability of vehicle as per dealer.  Raffle committee will issue certification of winners and report the same to AA and LSGH.
  20. Any and all concerns, complaints, questions on the procedure of the raffle and the implementation thereof shall be decided upon by the Raffle Committee. This set of rules and regulations supersedes those written on the raffle tickets.  The Raffle Committee has the right to revise, update rules and regulations of the raffle for as long as it is done by March 1, 2012 and that it communicates changes through its website and its members of LSGH Batch 1987.
  21. Part of the proceeds for this raffle shall be for the benefit of the One La Salle Foundation.
  22. The decision of the Raffle Committee shall be deemed final.

While you’re at it, please like the official Facebook Page of the Happy Happy Verde Raffle.

Tara na mga chong! Sali na!

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