The First Batch Meeting To Prep For The HC Night

This is a first in a series of “looking back” posts as we document (and save) Batch 87′s preparation for the Silver Anniv. We had our first batch meet at Basty’s last August 26, 2010 (more than a year ago) since we wanted to prep for the HC that early.

Batch prez, Paul Fernandez writes about that event at the newsletter which we reprinted below for everyone’s convenience;

About 25 – 30 members of our batch met up last August 26, at Basty’s (Tinggoy Palanca’s newest bar at the Fort). As expected, everyone had lots of fun (and lots to eat and drink, too) while catching up on each other’s lives and families.

The cool thing about the night, though, is the fact that everyone was really, really (major, major he he) psyched about our upcoming 25th year homecoming in 2012!

There were two (2) matters that stood out during our discussion about the reunion. First, WE NEED TO UNITE NOW FOR 2012, AND BEYOND!! In order to make it easier for us to communicate with each other, the following initiatives will be taken:

  • please inform 5 – 10 of your batch mates about this newsletter; ask them if they are part of it already; if not,
  • please tell them to text their email address to Reuben Ravago (09178990331) so he can include them already

The other theme that was evident that night was the need to raise money for the reunion and for the batch! We have a lot of good ideas on how to make 2012 and beyond special but we need funds to fuel these ideas. We need to implement, at least, one fundraiser before the year ends. Initial ideas brought forward are:

  • Batch shirts
  • Batch watches
  • 80’s party
  • Fun run

These ideas are so doable! We will just have to prioritize which ones will give us the highest return for our efforts. We need HELP to raise funds! We need HELP from batch mates who can champion projects for the batch!

Speaking of championing projects – our very own Aloy Aquino has signified his commitment to unite our batch mates in the US and Canada. Thank you, Aloy!

All in all, a great start – batch 1987! But we still have a long way to go! We will still need the HELP of everyone to make 2012 a success.

Until the next update…

Via Batch 87 Newsletter Blog

Editor’s Note: More photos can be found here ~Mon M

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