Playboy Rocks Batch 87 Event At San Lazaro Carmona

Even the early afternoon thunderstorm couldn’t dampen the spirits of the batch last Saturday, Sept 22, 2012 as we headed to the San Lazaro Leisure and Business Park to have an awesome day at the races, with steak, beer and pretty models. Thanks to efforts of batchmates Atty. King Reyno, Peds Zagala and Eddielu Arellano!

Playboy Rocks Batch 87

The batch had an attendance of around 40. The familiar faces were there and even our long-lost buddies like Demy Zagala, Googoo Puyat and Peter Hortaleza showed up to join the awesome afternoon of fun!

Peewee Cruel won the raffle trip to Boracay! Congrats chong! And everyone just had a swell time learning how to bet, cheering for their horses and chatting with the lovely Playboy Bunnies, thanks of course to the executives of Manila Jockey Club, our very own King Reyno and Eddielu Arellano.

The steaks and prime rib were to die for! So, who cares if most of us had to watch our blood pressure and stay away from fat and salt?!?

Thanks so much again to the MJC honchos; King, Eddielu and Peds (even if Peds couldn’t come due to an important family affair). We appreciate the effort and we really had a blast!

And it was also an afternoon to celebrate the September birthday guys:

<Day in September -Name>

1- Bonbon Borromeo
2- Jude Sian
3- Arby Arboleda, Gerry Parra
4- Mike Diaz, Matthew Antigua, Arvin Cortez, Frank Evaristo, Gabby Santos
6- Lawrence Sevilla, Manito Zaldarriaga
7- David StaInes
9- Alfredo Obligacion, Ralph Umali
10- Gary Tiomico
11- Joey Zaballero, Jake Dreyfus
12- Deck Ledesma, Roebie Protacio, Dong DelosReyes, Manolit Mangilit
14- Erwin Pantaleon
16- Johnny Santos
17- Garrick Ting, Emil Samson
18- Francis Dejon
20- Vic Labrador
21- Ur Rodrigo
22- John Rodas
23- Marvin Calingo
24- Antonio Ramon Garcia, Ben Mabanta, Dennis Uy
26- Mon Macutay
29- Rene Miguel Perrenoud
30- PM Montilla

Happy Birthday, mga chong!!!

It’s events like these that solidify our bonds and feed the soul, as a batch and as close friends!

Hope you guys can come on the next reunion!



For more photos, head on over to the batch’s Facebook Group

Until next event, Batch 87!



Please support our sponsor, Manila Jockey Club, take the family to San Lazaro for a fun day at the races! It’s just an hour’s drive from the metropolis. You won’t regret it. Thanks

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