One La Salle

La Salle Green Hills Batch 87 will be celebrating its Silver year (25th) on the 2012 LSGH Homecoming Night. As the host batch, the main beneficiary will be the One La Salle Foundation.


De La Salle Philippines and its network of Lasallian schools nationwide aims to raise one billion pesos for the One La Salle Scholarship Fund by our Hundredth anniversary in 2011.

The fund will be used to allow full scholarship equivalents (FSEs) to 20% of the student population in each of the 18 schools in the Philippines, including La Salle Green Hills, by the centennial in 2011. This will make it possible to share Lasallian education to deserving students, giving them a voice in our academic community and allowing for a richer dialogue that is reflective of what is true in our country.

This percentage of scholars will make it possible for a broader social mix of students in our campuses. It is the hope of the proponents fo the fund that this takes us one step closer to achieving the Lasallian Mission of educating the youth, especially the poor. Moreover, with Lasallian education it will transform their lives – like it did ours – and help the country rise out of poverty and move towards national development in our lifetime.

De La Salle Philippines (DLSP) is the national network of Lasallian schools organized to facilitate a more efficient and effective implementation of the Lasallian Mission. One La Salle means a greater synergy between Lasallian institutions in the country. One La Salle means focused and unified implementation of the Lasallian mission. One La Salle means better over-all quality of education.

One La Salle means more of us working towards the vision of St. John Baptist De La Salle.

Should you wish to be involved in giving our less privileged brothers a La Sallian education, contact us and let us know. Thank you.

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