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Hey Batch, you are all invited to attend and support our newest event: A Whole LOTtA Love! Featuring Ogie Alcasid and Regine Velasquez

The concert will be on Monday, Oct 7, 2013 7:30 pm at the Area 05 Events Place, Tomas Morato Q.C.

Tickets are priced at P1,500 each. You can also contact Eddielu Arellano at (0917) 825 2822 if you would like to reserve tickets. We also encourage everyone to help us sell more tickets. It’s not compulsory, but let’s all just try to do our “best effort”, ok?

For any questions, please head on over to the official Facebook Event page 

Let’s show them the strength and unity of Batch 87!


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Playboy Rocks Batch 87 Event At San Lazaro Carmona http://happyverde.net/playboy-rocks-batch-87-event-at-san-lazaro-carmona/ http://happyverde.net/playboy-rocks-batch-87-event-at-san-lazaro-carmona/#comments Mon, 24 Sep 2012 18:15:29 +0000 http://happyverde.net/?p=444 Continue reading ]]>

Even the early afternoon thunderstorm couldn’t dampen the spirits of the batch last Saturday, Sept 22, 2012 as we headed to the San Lazaro Leisure and Business Park to have an awesome day at the races, with steak, beer and pretty models. Thanks to efforts of batchmates Atty. King Reyno, Peds Zagala and Eddielu Arellano!

Playboy Rocks Batch 87

The batch had an attendance of around 40. The familiar faces were there and even our long-lost buddies like Demy Zagala, Googoo Puyat and Peter Hortaleza showed up to join the awesome afternoon of fun!

Peewee Cruel won the raffle trip to Boracay! Congrats chong! And everyone just had a swell time learning how to bet, cheering for their horses and chatting with the lovely Playboy Bunnies, thanks of course to the executives of Manila Jockey Club, our very own King Reyno and Eddielu Arellano.

The steaks and prime rib were to die for! So, who cares if most of us had to watch our blood pressure and stay away from fat and salt?!?

Thanks so much again to the MJC honchos; King, Eddielu and Peds (even if Peds couldn’t come due to an important family affair). We appreciate the effort and we really had a blast!

And it was also an afternoon to celebrate the September birthday guys:

<Day in September -Name>

1- Bonbon Borromeo
2- Jude Sian
3- Arby Arboleda, Gerry Parra
4- Mike Diaz, Matthew Antigua, Arvin Cortez, Frank Evaristo, Gabby Santos
6- Lawrence Sevilla, Manito Zaldarriaga
7- David StaInes
9- Alfredo Obligacion, Ralph Umali
10- Gary Tiomico
11- Joey Zaballero, Jake Dreyfus
12- Deck Ledesma, Roebie Protacio, Dong DelosReyes, Manolit Mangilit
14- Erwin Pantaleon
16- Johnny Santos
17- Garrick Ting, Emil Samson
18- Francis Dejon
20- Vic Labrador
21- Ur Rodrigo
22- John Rodas
23- Marvin Calingo
24- Antonio Ramon Garcia, Ben Mabanta, Dennis Uy
26- Mon Macutay
29- Rene Miguel Perrenoud
30- PM Montilla

Happy Birthday, mga chong!!!

It’s events like these that solidify our bonds and feed the soul, as a batch and as close friends!

Hope you guys can come on the next reunion!



25-26-87sanlazaro-182 18-19-87sanlazaro-150 35-38-87sanlazaro-283 13-14-87sanlazaro-114 11-12-87sanlazaro-100 33-36-87sanlazaro-266 20-21-87sanlazaro-156 34-37-87sanlazaro-282 27-29-87sanlazaro-191 30-32-87sanlazaro-212 12-13-87sanlazaro-113 playboyrocks 02-02-87sanlazaro-018 24-25-87sanlazaro-177 37-40-87sanlazaro-291 22-23-87sanlazaro-170 39-42-87sanlazaro-303 28-30-87sanlazaro-201 01-01-87sanlazaro-003 03-03-87sanlazaro-043 38-41-87sanlazaro-297 40-43-87sanlazaro-309 32-35-87sanlazaro-263

For more photos, head on over to the batch’s Facebook Group

Until next event, Batch 87!



Please support our sponsor, Manila Jockey Club, take the family to San Lazaro for a fun day at the races! It’s just an hour’s drive from the metropolis. You won’t regret it. Thanks

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Happy Happy Verde Grand Raffle Draw on March 27 http://happyverde.net/happy-happy-verde-grand-raffle-draw-on-march-27/ http://happyverde.net/happy-happy-verde-grand-raffle-draw-on-march-27/#comments Thu, 23 Feb 2012 15:18:34 +0000 http://happyverde.net/?p=438 Continue reading ]]>

The Happy Verde 2012 homecoming celebrations are NOT YET OVER!

We still have one party to throw. And it’s going to be a blast. We’re finally drawing the lucky winner of the brand new Toyota Fortuner on Tuesday, March 27, 2012 at 7th High Bar and Resto. Details follow…


  • When: Tuesday, March 27, 2012 @ 7:00PM
  • Where: 7th High Bar and Resto
  • Who should go: All batch 87 Alumni and ticket holders

7th High is at The Fort. Here’s the map and complete address.

Prizes at stake

  • Brand New 2012 Toyota Fortuner
  • Four (4) Samsung 40in LED TV sets
  • Five (5) Samsung Galaxy Tablets
  • Ten (10) Samsung Smartphones

There’s still time to buy your tickets.

Check out the Happy Verde Complete mechanics here and then Like Us on Facebook Here.

For details, inquiries, you can get in touch with the heads of the Raffle Committee:

Email lasalista87@yahoo.com or get in touch with Juanchit Jose at 0917 582 3860 orJoey Lerma at 0917 816 2837


Don’t forget to share!

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Happy Verde 2012 Photo Essay http://happyverde.net/happy-verde-2012-photo-essay/ http://happyverde.net/happy-verde-2012-photo-essay/#comments Sat, 11 Feb 2012 14:09:13 +0000 http://happyverde.net/?p=424 Continue reading ]]> Photobucket

We did it! Batch 87 finally pulled off the seemingly impossible. We’ve planned almost 2 years to see all our hard work pay off. The weather cooperated, every piece of the puzzle snapped into place last Feb 4. And what a night it was! Now, it was time to look back at one of the best homecomings of LSGH ever. Check out the pics!

Feb 4, 2012. In Retrospect

The batch Core Group were at the LSGH grounds Friday night to prepare. The stage was being setup and the school grounds was abuzz with activity. Everyone was anxious about the next day’s festivities.

Come Saturday, batch 87 organizers also were early to setup everything – from the sponsor’s booth, the stage, the food, the drinks and even do a little rehearsal to prepare for the night’s show.

Preparing For the Night


Here’s batchmate and LSGH Kundirana 87 member, Peds Zagala doing his “mic test” (above). [ Nahihiya pa daw kamo ]



(above) Seems like the batchmates are having fun watching our Brazilian models do their rehearsals


Booth babes marketing their stuff. Thanks to all our sponsors!

The Thanksgiving Mass

Before dinner, batch 87 hosted a mass. It was a very special one since the remains (relic) of St. John Baptist de La Salle were present during the Eucharistic celebration (see below).



Final Checks

Mon Macutay doing his own “quality control” with the R Girls, our dancers for the evening. (Yeah, right!)


 The stage is all set for…

The Show

Thanks to the herculean efforts of our batchmates Eric Arboleda, Ronnie Salvacion, Melvin Pasay and Starworks, we had a great show that evening!

Let’s chronicle it with photos…


Singer Krisha Ledesma starts off the night as she serenades everyone during dinner


Randy Nonato leads the LSGH pep squad in a cheer dance!


Ting Velasco and Randy Nonato host the first part of the show. Ting in his traditional, yearly garb! Woot!


Hosts Boy Ramos, Miles Roces and Luane Dy take care of the second part of the show


Batch 87 is called onstage


Honoring Marco Torres. One of batch 87′s achievers! We’re all proud of you, Marco!


Rannie Raymundo and the Kundirana Alumni Association also do a special number!


Not to be outdone, Batch 87′s own Kundirana take to stage and prove to all that they “still have it”!



Chip Payos (also of batch 87) flew all the way from Chicago to do an awesome dance act with the Mardi Gras girls!

The Bench Fashion Show

For the highlight of the evening, here’s Bench’s fashion show featuring our Brazilian models. Caution: this is HOT! HOT! HOT!
















 More Pics

Here are more random photos…


General Luna! (below)…Photobucket

Here’s Peds Zagala and Mon Macutay hosting the finale segment with special guest Marian Rivera




Thanks to Chef Quito Jose’s excellent choices for dinner. *burp*






Capping the night is Chris Zafra with his (now) famous rendition of Sweet Child of Mine and With or Without You. You rock, Chris!

And there you go! An awesome evening of food, drinks, friends and sweet memories of our high school days. It was great to see long, lost classmates and batchmates. Most importantly, it was a great night to be a proud member of batch 87 as we all saw the warm smiles on the faces of our LSGH brothers.

We will try to upload more photos (and possibly videos too) in the days to come.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our batchmates who attended the HC, all La Sallistas from all batches, the officers and staff of the Alumni Association, the De La Salle Brothers and of course, our sponsors.

Thank you all!


http://happyverde.net/happy-verde-2012-photo-essay/feed/ 0
Watch Happy Verde 2012 LIVE HERE http://happyverde.net/watch-happy-verde-2012-live-here/ http://happyverde.net/watch-happy-verde-2012-live-here/#comments Fri, 03 Feb 2012 18:55:44 +0000 http://happyverde.net/?p=421

happyverde on livestream.com. Broadcast Live Free


This is it! 2 years in the making. The moment of truth. Time to shine as a batch! Animo 87!

http://happyverde.net/watch-happy-verde-2012-live-here/feed/ 0
GALS 2012. Happy Verde Style http://happyverde.net/gals-2012-happy-verde-style/ http://happyverde.net/gals-2012-happy-verde-style/#comments Fri, 03 Feb 2012 18:48:33 +0000 http://happyverde.net/?p=415 Continue reading ]]>

It’s sad to note there’s no more GALS. But back in the day, this was the best idea ever since sliced bread. Instead of going to all-girl-schools during their fairs and sportsfest, we made the girls come to LSGH! Check out Ronnie Salvacion’s rendition of GALS 2012.

http://happyverde.net/gals-2012-happy-verde-style/feed/ 0
Smile: From the LSGH Kundirana Alumni Association http://happyverde.net/smile-from-the-lsgh-kundirana-alumni-association/ http://happyverde.net/smile-from-the-lsgh-kundirana-alumni-association/#comments Thu, 02 Feb 2012 18:11:22 +0000 http://happyverde.net/?p=411

Special thanks to the Kundirana Alumni Association for this awesome video.

Seeya, our brothers, sa Sabado! Happy Verde na!!! Animo!

http://happyverde.net/smile-from-the-lsgh-kundirana-alumni-association/feed/ 0
The Happy Verde Survival Guide http://happyverde.net/the-happy-verde-survival-guide/ http://happyverde.net/the-happy-verde-survival-guide/#comments Thu, 02 Feb 2012 17:43:55 +0000 http://happyverde.net/?p=407 Continue reading ]]>

Also known as the “Practical Tips for the LSGH Alumni”, read on brothers and survive the night of all nights on Feb. 4!


1. Come early – Anticipate some heavy traffic along Ortigas because of the Homecoming. It would be good to come in early. Program will start promptly at 7PM.

2. Carpool with others – Parking will be difficult. Start calling some batchmates so that you can carpool with other fellow La Sallians. The entire stretch of Ortigas Avenue (from EDSA to Green Hills), on both sides, will be available for parking. No worries – we have policemen, traffic enforcers, including Barangay Tanods who will man your vehicles. As a precaution – don’t leave valuable belongings inside your vehicles.

3. Wear your Batch Shirt – It would be nice to see your batch as a solid group, so wear your batch’s shirt. If you don’t have your batch shirts with you, try calling your Batch Representative to get your shirts. If you don’t have one – it’s always safe to wear something GREEN. In case you forgot – GREEN is La Salle’s color! Hehe. Make sure to keep your shirts on, if you know what we mean…

4. Holy Mass for the Batch – Should you feel holy that afternoon, we wish to inform you that you are cordially invited to join us for a Holy Mass immediately preceding the Homecoming, which starts at 5:00PM in the LSGH Chapel. And since the relics of St La Salle will be present during the mass, proper church attire is requested (no sando, no shorts, and no slippers, please). Kung hindi kayo makakarating sa misa – huwag mag-alala, ipagdadasal naming kayo…

5. No firearms & No drugs – Firearms (including deadly weapons) and any illegal substances are strictly prohibited within the premises of our beloved La Salle Green Hills. Security personnel will be deployed from the gates and throughout the HC grounds. Let us ALL practice safety, have a drug-free environment, and set a good example …..

6. Stay on & party with us – Registration is located in Gate#5, along the Ortigas Avenue entrance of LSGH. Gates will be open to visiting Alumni and guests at 3PM. The HC program will start promptly at 7PM, and will end at ~midnight. You are welcome to party on with us even after midnight – hanggang umaga na eto!

7. Make sure you register – Upon entering, try to find the designated registration table for your batch. This way, it will ease the registration process. Furthermore, make sure that you detach and drop off the raffle stub connected to your entrance ticket in the designated drop box towards the end of the registration area – you get a chance to win some raffle goodies prepared by Batch 87, your Homecoming organizers: 1) Round trip ticket to Los Angeles or San Francisco, 2) 3Days/2Nights stay (airfare not included) for Bellaroca, Marinduque, 3) 3D/2N stay in Movenpick Resort Cebu, 4) 3D/2N in Alta Vista de Boracay, 5) Overnight stay in Discovery Suites Ortigas, and much much more!

8. Elections – If you are an Alumni, please find time to go through our election process. 7 seats in the Alumni Association Board of Directors are up for grabs. Exercise your right to vote – who you vote for will determine the future of our Alumni! Make sure to vote for 7 individuals. And no worries, LSGH uses PCOS Machines during our elections (walang dayaan dito, and high tech tayo!)

9. Lifetime Members of the Alumni – If you are not yet a Lifetime Member, a minimal fee of PhP1,000 is the cost to become one – there are many benefits to being a Lifetime Member of the Alumni. A table for applications will be available around the voting area. For current Lifetime Members of the LSGH Alumni Association, there is a refund of PhP200 (in the same table) from your payment of the gate entrance. Should you wish to enroll that night, the same refund of PhP200 will still apply – not a bad deal diba!?!

10. Patronize our Sponsors – The HC will not be successful without our generous sponsors. Please patronize them by passing by their respective booths. We want to keep them happy so that they continue to support La Salle Green Hills and her programs, especially our Homecomings. SPECIAL THANKS to Toyota, Shell, San Miguel Corporation, Manila Jockey Club, Primer Group of Companies, Samsung, Bench, and Bellaroca Island Resort & Spa. Also to Semirara Mining Corporation, Eva Air, Dusit Thani Hotel Manila, St. Therese Columbarium, and DMCI Homes.

11. Sign up with Twitter – If you haven’t done so, please sign up to Twitter (it’s free anyway)! Not only will you get to follow all the tweets, you will even get to send us tweets during the HC! Yup – during the HC, one of the screens will be showing live (real time) tweets from everyone! So, make sure you bring your smart phones, and get ready to send tweets during the HC. Anything goes dude! Follow us on the link https://twitter.com/#!/happyverde

12. Livestream – Especially for Archers living overseas, please log on to the link http://www.livestream.com/happyverde You’ll get to see the HC in its entirety LIVE thru Livestream. Just install the livestream app (it’s free) on your smart phone and/or PC, OR follow the link above in your browser. Please pass this on to our Batchmates abroad.

13. Bring your Camera – We encourage everyone to bring a camera (or your phone that has a camera), and take as many photos as you want. We also encourage everyone to share your photos in all forms of media available. Just a word of caution – share only photos that you want the public to see (including your spouse!). Bahala ka na mag-isip, hehe…

14. HV Raffle Tickets are still available – Batch 1987 has initiated a Raffle Project dubbed Happy Verde Raffle, slated on March 30. If you have not purchased raffle tickets, they will be available at the registration counter, and throughout the HC. Tickets are at PhP2,500 each, and will get you a chance to win a Toyota Fortuner! Proceeds from the Raffle Project will go to the Adult Night High School of One La Salle – so that other less fortunate Filipinos may receive a La Sallian education.

15. Look for your Batch’s table assignment – Upon entering the registration, you will find a printed layout of the HC grounds – and you can identify your Batch’s assigned table. no worries, there’s enough tables. There will be approximately 125 tables (with 20 seats each) – we don’t want you getting lost in the jungle. Don’t worry, the tables will have your batch assignments nevertheless. If you still have a hard time finding it – just follow the scent of your former batchmates (perhaps you’ll remember their scents, hehe)!

16. St La Salle Relics – The holy relics of St La Salle will be situated inside the LSGH Chapel during the Homecoming. Try to find time to venerate and pay homage to our beloved founder, St. John Baptiste de La Salle. We are truly privileged to have his presence on our 100th Year. The relics are on its last stop in LSGH before it finds its permanent resting place.

17. Final Tip: Be a Happy Verde – Our final tip is for you (and each and everyone of us) TO BE a Happy Verde! We are, after all, real green-blooded Archers! Be proud! This will truly be an amazing & fantastic Homecoming, and it will be the BIGGEST in LSGH History! Until then, have loads of fun on Feb 4 dude! HAPPY VERDE! ANIMO LA SALLE! HAIL! HAIL! HAIL!

http://happyverde.net/the-happy-verde-survival-guide/feed/ 0
Happy Verde Teaser Video 2 http://happyverde.net/happy-verde-teaser-video-2/ http://happyverde.net/happy-verde-teaser-video-2/#comments Thu, 02 Feb 2012 17:35:18 +0000 http://happyverde.net/?p=405

Thanks to batchmate Dennis Lucero for this second teaser video.

Don’t forget to share!

http://happyverde.net/happy-verde-teaser-video-2/feed/ 0