The One Before The Big One

Last Jan 11, 2012, Batch 87 held the last big gathering before the Homecoming Night. Dubbed, “The One Before The Big One”, it was attended by roughly around 70 batchmates. Venue was at the Commons Bar in Makati and members of the core group updated batchmates on the status of the preparations. It’s the home stretch and everyone’s pepped up and excited!

Photos abound. Click na!

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What Happened in 1987?

1987 – The year of our graduation.

What’s all the fuss about this particular year? For me, it was the end of the greatest four years of my life – High School. It meant saying goodbye to great friends, teachers and fond memories. But different folks remember 1987 for all the awesome things (besides OUR graduation and Jacko’s release of his Bad album.) What do YOU remember?

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